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Political Trust at a Time of Pandemic: A long-term repercussion of COVID-19 on durable peace

…spread of rumors and inaccurate news. In Idlib governorate, which is home to more than four million people, the Salvation government is affiliated to the Salafi-jihadi group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham….

Pens Against Guns: The uncertain future of Syrian journalism

…youth in local peacebuilding, we look at the media as one of the fields most impacted by the ten-year-long conflict. The 3rd of May 2021 marked World Press Freedom Day,…

Research boosts role of women in peace processes 

Edinburgh researchers have developed a new resource to help embed women’s rights in peace negotiations in the Arab world and beyond. A report launched to mark International Women’s Day offers…

Regional approaches to Covid-19: The response by Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to the pandemic

…communities worldwide, and it aims to protect the interests of the Muslim world. With 57 memberships, OIC is the second-largest intergovernmental organisation in the world, after the United Nations. It…


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Between the ‘Regional’ and the ‘West’: Enhancing Indian engagement in Myanmar

…The Irrawaddy. Available at: Davis, Anthony. (2021) Myanmar Military Offensives Lose Momentum. Janes. Available at: Gurjar, Sankalp. (2021) India’s Tough Choices in Myanmar. Deccan Herald. Available at:….

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