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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

This research project investigated the impact of armed groups on governance structures at the national and sub-national level, in the eastern DRC.  It developed RVI’s Usalama Project, and is also supported by the ESRC-DFID Poverty Alleviation Research Grant Scheme on social networks and ex-combatants. The research analysed armed groups’ direct and indirect challenges to state authority and their own claims to public authority. Furthermore, it examined how the economic and socio-political power of armed combatants changes from wartime to peacetime, and how it is affected by different security sector reform processes. This research connected individuals’ wartime experiences with their post-war trajectories and investigate the impact on political settlements and peace building processes, with a particular focus on gender.

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Photo: Martina Bacigalupo/Vu


Details :
  • Author : Harriet Cornell
  • Category : Case Studies, Gender, Peace Processes
  • Date : June 18, 2015
  • Tags : Armed Actors Armed Conflict DRC Legitimacy Public Authority