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Local Agreements

The main activities in this strand of PSRP work are focused on the preparation of two Joint Analysis Workshops (JAW) and the conceptual and practical development of a PA-X sub-database on local peace agreements. This  project aims  at  enhancing  our  understanding  of  local  peace  processes  and  their interrelation with processes at the national level. PSRP research focuses on how these local agreements come about, and what role they play with reference to national peace, although some initial case studies indicate that they are critical to national peace.

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Key Publications:

Wise, L., Forster, R. & Bell, C. (2019). (PA-X Report, Spotlight Series). Local Peace Processes: Opportunities and Challenges for Women’s Engagement. Edinburgh: Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh.

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  • Author : PSRP
  • Category : Gender, Navigating Inclusion, Peace Processes
  • Date : August 19, 2019
  • Tags : Local Agreements