Success and Failure of Political Settlements: Defining and Measuring Transformation


Schünemann, J., & Lucey, A. (2015). Success and Failure of Political Settlements: Defining and Measuring Transformation (PSRP Working Paper No. 2). Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh.

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Key points:

• Analysis of transformation through political settlement lens can be useful to probe impact of political settlements in particular peace agreements on development outcomes

• Measuring transformation through state capacity indicators

Abstract: This discussion paper develops a conceptual framework and methodology for defining and understanding transformation in fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS) through the lens of political settlements. Peace settlements are understood as the outcomes of ongoing political processes, making them hard to measure. This paper therefore proposes measuring transformation in the context of peace agreements i.e. one-off events. This paper then suggests measuring transformation along the core functions of the state, since peace agreements often deal with state function. Indicators for state capacity have been generated from current international debates, in particular those concerning state fragility and resilience, peacebuilding and statebuilding goals, and measures of inclusiveness. The aim of the paper is not to provide specific indicators of transformation at this stage but to rather provide a range of indicators that will allow for further discussion on the selection of suitable proxy indicators at a later stage. Once determined, different types of peace agreements can be mapped according to different transformative outcomes, which can influence policy making in the future.

Keywords: measurement, transformation

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