Citation: Forster, Robert. ‘Peace Agreements’. In S. Romaniuk, M. Thapa, and P. Marton (eds.) Palgrave Encyclopedia of Global Security Studies, Cham, Palgrave MacMillan, 2019.

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Key words: peace agreements, negotiated settlements, peace treaties, peace accords, conflict resolution.

Abstract: A short overview of the scope of contemporary peace agreements from 1990-2019. Covers the topics of inter-state, intra-state and sub-state peace agreements, a discussion on the issue of defining peace agreements, an overview of the peace agreement stages/types, and a summary of the varying forms of issues that peace agreements may address, including: security, governance, human rights, socioeconomic reconstruction, development and access to resources, justice sector reform, transitional justice, and implementation. The data in the entry is drawn from the PA-X Peace Agreement Database.