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TJI-PSRP Summer School: Gender, Conflict, Terrorism, and Countering-Violent Extremism, Belfast 2017

Transitional Justice Institute will run its 10th annual Summer School with the theme of Gender, Conflict, Terrorism and Countering-Violent Extremism, at Ulster University, Belfast.

PSRP Panel: Understanding the Role of Political Settlements in Shaping the Opportunities for Progressive Institutional Change in Conflict-to-Peace Transitions

PSRP members have organised a panel at the conference ‘Gender, Institutions and Change: Feminist Institutionalism after 10 years’.

PSRP Panel: Peacebuilding in the Political Unsettlement: impossible or inevitable?

PSRP panel at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland

PSRP Researchers Presenting: New Tasks for Militaries: Rethinking new, evolving and old norms

Fionnuala Ni Aolain and Megan Bastick will present their research at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

PSRP Researcher Presenting: The Politics of Gender and Violence in Northern Ireland

Jessica Doyle will present her and Monica McWilliams’ research on intimate partner violence in a conflict and post-conflict setting.

PSRP Researcher Presenting: Peacebuilding Approaches to Countering Extremism

Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain will speak at the Global Minnesota event Global Ties U.S. Regional Summit ‘Peacebuilding Approaches to Countering Extremism’

PSRP Summer School Lecture: Ambassador Melanne Verveer

As part of the Transitional Justice Institute Summer School 2016 on ‘Women and Political Settlements: International, Regional and Local Approaches to Peacemaking’, Ambassador Melanne Verveer will speak about ‘Women Leading Peace: What Northern Ireland’s Example Can Teach the World’.

PSRP Researcher Presenting: Truth and Reparations for Northern Ireland – A Gender-Integrated Approach

TJI’s Dr Catherine O’Rourke is speaking at a Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission briefing on efforts to incorporate a gender lens into post-conflict truth and reparations proposals in Ireland and Britain.

Women, Peace and Security at International Studies Association 2016

PSRP researchers Zoe Marks and Claire Duncanson will both present their research on gendered issues of inclusion in political settlements, and women’s military experiences in conflict at the 2016 International Studies Association conference in Atlanta.

Gender, Violence and Conflict Seminar

The Gender Study Group of the Development Studies Association of Ireland and the Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI) are hosting the seminar “Gender, Violence and Conflict” to mark International Women’s Day 2016.