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PSRP Panel: Shaping Inclusive Political Settlements: Critical Approaches to International Peacebuilding

International actors involved in peace processes and peacebuilding – such as third-party mediators, representatives of UN agencies, regional organisations or international NGOs – are increasingly seeking to encourage inclusive political settlements. Our panel aims to look critically at how these actors influence processes of inclusion, and the impact of these efforts in specific contexts. Different international actors promote diverse forms of inclusion, from the inclusion of armed groups into power-sharing institutions, to establishing spaces for women, minorities, or vulnerable groups to shape governmental agendas.

PSRP Panel: Challenges for Inclusive Peace Settlements in Diverse Societies

Panel compiled by PSRP for the Political Studies Association Conference ‘Rights in Diverse Societies: Gender, Migration and Ethnopolitics in the EU’

PSRP Panel: Political Settlements and Prospects for Institutional Transformation

PSRP has co-convened a stream of panels with DLP Birmingham at the Development Studies Association 2016 Conference ‘Politics in Development’

PSRP Researcher Presenting: Competing Discourses of Decentralization and Inclusion in Kosovo

Laura Wise is presenting a paper at the workshop ‘Fissures on the edges: Central & South Eastern Europe and European crises’ at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Women, Peace and Security at International Studies Association 2016

PSRP researchers Zoe Marks and Claire Duncanson will both present their research on gendered issues of inclusion in political settlements, and women’s military experiences in conflict at the 2016 International Studies Association conference in Atlanta.