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PSRP Researcher Speaking: Decentralization and Local Consent in Divided Societies

Laura Wise will present her research on decentralization in divided societies at the IPSA joint conference ‘Democratization and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies’ in Nicosia, Cyprus.

PSRP Panel: Challenges for Inclusive Peace Settlements in Diverse Societies

Panel compiled by PSRP for the Political Studies Association Conference ‘Rights in Diverse Societies: Gender, Migration and Ethnopolitics in the EU’

PSRP Researcher Presenting: Peace Agreements, Power-Sharing, and Political Transitions: Women’s Roles in Colombia, Syria, Yemen and Beyond

Professor Christine Bell, will speak on the role of women’s participation in peace processes as part of a UN Women and International Peace Institute policy forum.

Political Parties of the Middle East; Past, Present and Future Perspectives

PSRP Research Analyst, Robert Forster is speaking on the GCC Initiative and Yemen’s Joint Meeting Parties at the conference “Political Parties of the Middle East; Past, Present and Future Perspectives” at the University of Manchester

Film Screening: Democrats

As part of the workshop ‘Constitution Building in Political Settlement Processes: the Quest for Inclusion’, there will be an open screening of Camilla Nielsson’s film ‘Democrats’: a documentary on the Zimbabwe power-sharing negotiations and constitution-making process.