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PSRP Panel: Shaping Inclusive Political Settlements: Critical Approaches to International Peacebuilding

International actors involved in peace processes and peacebuilding – such as third-party mediators, representatives of UN agencies, regional organisations or international NGOs – are increasingly seeking to encourage inclusive political settlements. Our panel aims to look critically at how these actors influence processes of inclusion, and the impact of these efforts in specific contexts. Different international actors promote diverse forms of inclusion, from the inclusion of armed groups into power-sharing institutions, to establishing spaces for women, minorities, or vulnerable groups to shape governmental agendas.

PSRP Researcher Speaking: The UN Review Processes and Current Trends in Peacebuilding

Jan Pospisil is speaking about UN review processes and Current Trends in Peacebuilding at the NGO Committee on Peace in Vienna.

The “War on Terror” and Extremism: What is the Relevance of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda?

Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin will speak at NYU Law School, alongside Nahla Valji and Nikki Reisch on the relevance of the Woman, Peace and Security agenda to the ‘War on Terror’ and extremism.