6.2.bThe images on our website and Twitter are the work of talented photographers, including those who participated in the Global Justice Academy Photography Competition, professional photographers, and researchers associated with the Programme.

We thank all of them for their non-commercial collaboration, which allows our work to be illustrated effectively.

Robert Henderson is the 2014 Winner and 2015 Highly Commended of the GJA’s photography competition. The key pictures of this website, including the themes pictures, are from a portfolio collection called ‘Felt Landscape.’ Click here to see more about Robert’s work.

Nikoletta 6.1.aMajewska (2015 Winner), Cait Little, and Joseph Wilson (2015 Highly Commanded) participated in the GJA’s photography competition. Click here to read about the competition, the artists, and the entries on the Global Justice Academy websiteClick here to view the GJA’s photography archive, including all competition entries, on Flickr.

The project pages of this website are widely illustrated by the work of Martina Bacigalupo (Agence VU). After reading literature and philosophy in Italy, Martina studied photography at the London Collego of Communication. In 2007, she moved to Burundi, East Africa, where she still works as a freelance photographer, often in collaboration with international NGOs (am4.2.aong others: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, Handicap International). Her work is focused on Human Rights and the witness of living conditions around the world, particularly the plight of women. Her work has been published on the New York Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Liberation, Internazionale, and shown in several international venues (PARIS PHOTO 2013, UNSEEN, Amsterdam 2014, AIPAD New York 2014). Martina won the Canon Female Photojournalist Award in 2010 and the FNAC Award for photographic creation in 2011. She is member of AGENCE VU in Paris and is represented by Grimaldi Gavin Gallery in London. Click here to read about Martina’s work, and click here to visit Martina’s website.

6.1.bBill Rolston (University of Ulster), Christine Bell (University of Edinburgh), Rachel Anderson (University of Edinburgh), Astrid Jamar (University of Edinburgh), and Charlotte Melly (Conciliation Resources) have also shared pictures of their research in Northern Ireland, the UK and various regions in Africa (Sierra Leone, Burundi, Rwanda, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo).

A number of pictures are from Creative Commons – Flickr (Agencia Prensa Rural, AK Rockefeller, naturalflow, United Nations Photo, Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Africa Renewal, Wonderlane, Ingmar Zahorsky, UNAMA Photo, Charles Roffey, Bjorn, Liliana Corso/ONU Mujeres, Ryan Brown/UN Women, Kate Brooks/Istock, Rod Waddington).

The photographs used throughout this site, in PolSet printed materials, in PolSet research outputs, and on Twitter @PolSettlements are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced for any reason without permission of the artists and the Political Settlements Research Programme.